Corporate Taxes & Bookkeeping
WNM Ghana Limited

WNM Ghana Limited, a leading company with headquarters in Nigeria, sought the expertise of Bait & Tackle Ghana to handle their books and taxes in Ghana. With a multinational presence and complex financial operations, WNM Ghana Limited required specialized support to ensure compliance with local regulations and optimize their financial management processes.

Our team worked diligently to tailor our services to meet WNM Ghana Limited's specific needs. We provided comprehensive accounting services, including digital bookkeeping and payroll processing, to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Additionally, we offered expert tax planning and compliance services to minimize their tax liabilities and maximize savings.

Through our partnership with WNM Ghana Limited, we were able to provide the necessary support for their Ghana operations, enabling them to focus on driving growth and expansion in the region. By leveraging our expertise in local accounting and tax regulations, WNM Ghana Limited was able to navigate the complexities of doing business in Ghana with confidence.

Project Information


WNM Ghana Limited


1 Paraku Estate Dome Pillar 2 Accra, Ghana